HTML5 Game Development

Majority of Online Games are developed using HTML5 alone. So, if you are thinking of building a game, you need to learn HTML5 Game Development. As vast as the Internet is, you can easily get lost and get yourself enrolled in a course which has no benefit to you. Hence, we have prepared a detailed blog which gives you tips on how to get started with HTML5. Before we began with, let’s brief what HTML5 games are?

What Are HTML5 Games?

HTML5 Games are free games that you can play on your mobile or stationary browser. Hence, they are also known as browsers games. The internet is filled with HTML5 games as they are efficient, playable, and visually impressive to look and play. Plus, it has a lot of benefits over Flash Games, and you can create an HTML5 Game very easily. So, any game you play on the internet today is likely to be an HTML5 Game.

There are various ways to create an HTML5 game, and you can easily find materials on the technical aspect of it. But here are a few tips you need to keep in mind before starting with HTML5 Game Development:

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Choosing A Game Engine:

Developing a game is a very tedious task, with the use of Game Engine, you can reduce some of that work. In simpler terms, you don’t have to create games from scratch with Game Engine. It takes care of asset loading, physics, sprite maps, animation, audio, and input. There are a lot of Game engines you can choose from in HTML5 Game, some are barebones while others include a 2D level editor and debug tools. So, it is vital to decide whether you want to build a game from scratch or use a game engine.

Here are some of the Popular HTML5 Game Engines – 

Best 2d game engines for HTML5 Game Development

Start With Something Small:

It is nice to be ambitious, but you need to start with something small. Even a simple NES clone game can take up weeks, and the end product would be a boring game filled with bugs. So, you need to start with small things and don’t fantasize about companies lining up to buy HTML5 Games just yet.

Graphics And Sounds

Creating graphics and sounds is the scariest part for any beginner developer. They are an integral part of a video game. The good news is there are tools which can use to create graphics and sound. For example, developers generally use a tool named Bfxr, which is as simple as pressing a button to create sound effects for your games. Similarly, you can use sites like OpenGameArt to create graphics. If you know Photoshop, you can practice on creating decent sprites at ease.

 Use Of Animation And Transitions:

Most Amateurs games feel boring to play. This has less to do with game development but more with aesthetic. Adding animations and transitions in a game with a so-so story makes the player invest in the game. This ultimately makes the game fun. For this reason, you need to use Animation and transitions in your game.

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User Testing:

Once, you finish your game, bring some friends and family over to test it. You need to be present to see their facial expression while playing as those expressions never lie. For example, if they are constantly dying on the first level, the irritation can be seen on the face. But later they can say it’s hard and you won’t bother changing.

Learning Tools

Once you have decided the basic of your game and html5 game maker. You need to move forward on adding other aspects of gaming. For example, you need to learn tools for user accounts, in-game payment, etc. You can execute them from the following tools:

  • io and Scoreoid: These are tools which will help you create user accounts, achievements, high scores, in-game payments, distribution and analytics of your game and much more.
  • Stats.js: This is a JavaScript performance monitor, which displays performance, and framerate while you play the game.
  • Pixi.js: This is a tool which renders canvas and WebGL.

Help From The Community:

Finally, our Online gaming Development community ( We urge to join the forum, it will help you get up to date with what is going regarding HTML5 games, and you can also meet people who can help you develop your game. If you face any trouble in learning any tool or html5 games source code, you can post a thread and receive solutions from fellow developers.


These are the basic things you need to know to get started in HTML5 games development. As we said earlier, it is easy to develop HTML5 games if you know what you are doing.