HTML5 Games Source Code

HTML5 games source code mean that you no longer have to choose between playing games either only on your PC, or only on your phone or tablet. HTML5 games enable you to play the same games across different platforms – meaning you can play on whatever you like, from wherever you like.

html5 games source code

HTML5 games are the future of gaming on browsers. This is due to the fact that the coding used in all of these games means they can be played across any device. HTML5 gaming has become so popular in recent years that there are now more engines to create them on than ever.

Some of the more popular engines are Phaser, Create.js, Pixi.js or Construct 2. These are the platforms on which you can design games in the exact way that you want to. They are fairly straightforward platforms to use, though if you are entirely new to this world then don’t be afraid to look it up as there are plenty of HTML5 game designing walkthroughs online.

HTML5 Games With Source Code

Freak Apps are passionate about gaming, and love making new HTML5 games for everyone. We make games using one of the above mentioned engines and then we export the file to a HTML5 file. The source code that is used is not the HTML5 file, it is found on the original file on where we created the games itself – Construct 2 etc. We provide the source code which allows you to then go back to the engine the game was created on and edit things for yourself.

Here at Freak Apps, we are so passionate about creating more addictive online gaming for people all over the world. If you have an idea and want help creating your very own HTML5 games, then look no further. Freak Apps have expertise in HTML5 game development, having completed over 70 projects regarding HTML5. Not only do we have the relevant experience in creating HTML5 games source code, but our passion will shine in every project we do.

If you are interested in learning more about the games that we make, and want to contact us with some ideas then please do. We also offer some of our own games for sale on our website, if you are interested in seeing the kinds of things we like to develop. We have a really large collection of some of our favorite games that we have developed, so take a look – we’re sure you’ll find something that catches your eye!