Money With HTML5 Games

How to make money with HTML5 games?

You probably have heard a lot about indie game developers earning an insane amount of money from their games. In this article, we will dissect this statement and focus on HTML5 games and how you can make money off it. It is a lot easy than some might think, but the amount of work that would go into it is incredible. So, here is a detailed on it –

What Are The HTML5 Games?

Let’s define what HTML5 games are first. Normally you associated HTML with web pages, and HTML5 does the same thing. It is a software solution stack that you can use to control the behavior of a webpage. You can use it to create some powerful applications such as games. So, games created using HTML5 on a webpage is called HTML5 games. Some popular examples are 2048Browser QuestPocket Island, etc.

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Ways To Make Money With HTML5 Games?

So, let’s talk about money because that is what everything boils down to, “How much can I earn from it?” The simple answer is a lot, and it comes down to factors like marketing, design, and a bit of luck as well. This is because HTML5 games are different than console games; you can’t create a game and put it on a website and expect to get traffic. This is how console games work, but HTML5 games are different. So, here are some ways to earn money with Html5 Games –

1. Freelance HTML5 Games

This is the most obvious choice; you can create games for clients. With the spread of globalization, there are always enough clients to get good pay. In this way, you will be able to develop an HTML5 game and get paid in the process. An HTML5 game has various parts like the character design, setting, server design, etc. So, you can decide whether you want to freelance a certain part or the whole game. Before beginning to work on the HTML5 game, get a confirmation of what you are to deliver and the timeline with pay for no future problem. The benefit of it is you can develop your own HTML5 game while working on a freelance one.

2. Exclusive HTML5 Games

If you have a game idea in your mind, then this is the way to go. You work according to your own speed, be in charge of all the creative decisions. By this, I mean to design the game, make a story, create thrilling gameplay, and much more. Then you can pitch your games to a game company such as Spil Games, which will buy the exclusive right for your game. This is a good way to make money by doing something which you like without any deadline and earn a good amount of money. Plus, you don’t have to deal with marketing and publishing things. Because companies are curious to buy HTML5 games that are polished and featured games.

Exclusive Game - Cricket World Cup

3. Non-Exclusive HTML5 Games

If you are ambitious, interested in marketing, and want to earn a lot of money, then this is the way to go. In this method, you develop your own game and then distribute it on gaming portals or platforms like Game distributionCodecanyon, or even on your own website. After which you can monetize the game with in-game video ads or sticky ads. Your earning depends on the traffic you generate for your game; this is where your marketing skills are being used. Your HTML5 game design and gameplay also factor in the traffic. This is a risky method but also the highest chance of earning big.

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4. Creating An HTML5 Game Portal

We have talked a lot about developing, marketing, or selling HTML5 games. However, there needs to have a place where people can host these games. You can create your own portal, allow everyone to host their games, but take a cut from their ad revenue. In this way, even if you are not working, you are still making money from these other games. And the plus side is that people who host their games on your portal will do marketing themselves. The Trick here is to develop a friendly HTML5 Game portal so that gaming developing companies such as Freak X Apps will be tempted to use your portal. There are many ads companies which you can partner with, but we suggest you go with Google Adsense as it is reliable and you can earn good money with it.

Html5 Game Portal -SpideyGames

5. In-Game Purchases

You might be familiar with it if you play a lot of games. In-Game Purchases are the theme of many games where the developers are focused on creating a riveting game that is free of cost and then urges players to buy certain things to process faster and become good at the game. SuperCell is a fine example of this business model as it has gone on to become of the biggest name in the Mobile gaming industry due to In-Game Purchase. However, if you force your players to buy in order to process, you will receive a lot of bad reviews and hatred. It is advisable not to do it.

6. HTML5 Game Template

As a beginner, it is hard to create HTML5 games which will be instantly picked up by the public. Hence, it is wise to start with a game template as they are easy to make. Plus, you can make money out of it by selling it online. Many game developers value time, so they buy such a template to spend more time on the creative end. But before you began working on it, you need to do some market research about the type of game template required in the market. You can browse online stores such as Game Maker Store and Scirra store for it. Once you create your own template, you can put it in the store.

Conclusion –

These are all the possible ways in which you can earn money from developing HTML5 Games. Clearly, these are some very varied ways to make a living. You can decide on anything which suits you.

But remember, none of the ways are easy, you have to work hard in each of them. That hard work is what will convert into money. Before you begin following any of these ways, it is very important to go in-depth market research because things might look good on the outside. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the starting will be the toughest in each of these ways, but you will grow with time, and if you are not, then you are doing something wrong.

This is the guide in which we describe how you can earn money using HTML5 Games.