HTML5 games for Websites and Messenger

Have you ever felt the urge to play games but didn’t have any of your favorite games installed? In case you didn’t know, there are a ton of websites that have fun html5 games that are ready to play. With the latest and trending games to the retro classics, there are several games you can play online, using just your browser.

A section like this does not just bring in more visitors and potential customers to your platform but also increases the time they spend there. Recently, not only game portals, but popular apps and websites have started offering a mini section for games to keep their visitors hooked.

What Are HTML5 Games?

HTML5 has been around since 2014, powering your favorite websites and online apps ever since. The same technology is now capable of producing gorgeous interactive online games that are a delight to play. Built with HTML5, these games can run natively within any browser, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet. HTML5 games utilize the lightweight but robust frameworks of HTML5 and JavaScript. Together, they provide beautiful graphics without asking for a lot of CPU power. Some of the popular game engines crucial for the development of these fun HTML5 games are:

● Phaser

● Construct2

● Unity

● PlayCanvas

● KiwiJS

● Babylon JS

● PixiJS

With these online game development engines, you can create a variety of some of the best HTML5 games online from genres such as casual, action, shooters and many more.

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HTML5 Games Portals

Several websites offer a vast collection of games for the sole purpose of your entertainment. These portals not only allow you to target computers but also mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, offering twice the target base at once. 2D and 3D games can be played anywhere and on any device with zero installation. Some of the popular portals for the best HTML5 games online are:


SpideyGames offers a vast collection of some of the best HTML5 games online that gamers can enjoy not only on their laptops but also their smartphones. With gorgeous graphics and fun gameplay, SpideyGames offers 2D and 3D games consisting of multiple categories like racing, action, shooting, puzzle and many more.

Spideygames - Play fun html5 games online


Kizi hosts a vast library of online games across multiple categories, including multiplayer games. Accessed by a large community of players, Kizi allows you to connect with fellow players and even share gifts with them.


With one of the best collections of online HTML5 games on the internet, Poki offers a sea of games with dozens of categories ranging from common ones like shooting, dress-ups to popular ones like Subway Surfers, Stickman games, io games and several others.


Messenger HTML5 Games

Facebook Instant Games 

World’s best social media platform, Facebook not only allows you to connect with your friends online and have a fun chat but also lets you play games with them. Facebook’s Instant Games Development enables you to develop games where you can challenge your buddy to a quick game of Pool, Word Blitz or the retro classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris and many more. With an easy onboarding guide and plenty of developer-friendly tutorials and demos, indie game developers can quickly develop the next hit game on the platform.

Facebook Instant Games

WeChat Mini Game Development

WeChat, the go-to messaging app among the Asian countries has been making great strides in increasing its app’s user base by launching a Mini-Games initiative where game developers can turn their fun HTML5 games into WeChat mini-games. With the widest of reach throughout most of the Asian countries, WeChat Mini Games are a hit among the users. With a comfortable entry point, developers can quickly get on board with creating Mini-Games and make it viral with intuitive game mechanics and visuals.

Popular Apps Which Added The HTML5 Gaming Section For Its Users

Various platforms and websites have started offering a dedicated games section to keep their visitors and customers engaged, bringing in more people and hence, more money. This trend has been on the rise recently with waves of popular brands joining the bandwagon. Some of the familiar names to have added an HTML5 games section in their app are:

Sony Liv

Sony Liv offers an exciting new take on the games it has to offer. All of its games are based around their popular TV shows such as Crime Patrol, KBC, CID, Kapil Sharma Show and many more. Some of its games are quiz based while some Augmented Reality based. Sony Liv has also planned to host tournaments where users can participate and win cash prizes, other rewards such as meeting with celebrities are also on the table.

Sony Liv Games

MX Player

One of the most popular video player apps on the app market MX Player now offers free online games where you could win money just for playing games. The app also incentivizes players into playing more by awarding them with coins which can be redeemed against movies and coupons for various services. At the moment, the app offers a limited collection of games in its first run, which is later assumed to increase based on the feedback.


Flipkart, one of India’s most famous online marketplaces, is also keen on gaining a piece of the action. It launched its own Gamezone where the players win goodies, gift vouchers and exciting deals by just playing games. Games on Flipkart are time-based where players need to act quickly to score some cool prizes.

Flipkart Games

Real Money Apps

Various apps let you earn money online by doing simple tasks such as watching videos, reading webpages, referring your friends to the platform and many more. Now, you can make money just by playing online games. Yes, you read it right, some websites and platforms will pay you for playing the online games they have to offer. A few of those platforms are:


Rozdhan is India’s newest online money earning app, where its users can make money by completing a variety of tasks. These activities range from playing online games, completing the profile, answering questions, sharing news articles, referring friends and much more.


Another one of the apps that let you play games to win big by participating in live quizzes in Loco Live, predicting about upcoming sports events in Loco League and by playing online games from Loco Arena. Loco has been immensely popular within its users for the friendliness of the app and the rewards they offer to their players.

Loco Games


One of the popular trivia game apps, Qureka offers players a chance to win money by answering quizzes and playing online games. With a set of 10 questions asked live, players need to be fast and answer correctly at the same time to win.

Paytm First Games 

With Paytm First Games, Paytm gives the players a chance to win cash by playing games on their phones. With over 200 social games to choose from, players can pick from a wide variety of games spanning across a plethora of genres.

100 Games In 1 App

As you might have guessed, there are a variety of apps on the app market that offers players not one but an entire library of games in one place. Apps like these serve as a gateway to a multitude of fun HTML5 games across dozens of categories, such as racing, arcade, puzzle, action, adventure and many more. With loads of games to choose from, they have something for every kind of user. Some of these apps are listed below:

● 100 in 1 Game

● YooB Games

● Free Fun Game Box — 100+ Games

● Feenu Games (300 Games in 1 App) Works with Internet

More than 100 Games in one app


Quick and effortless development of fun HTML5 games using a variety of tools has pushed a lot of websites and apps into integrating them on their platforms. To increase user engagement on the platform, HTML5 games can be considered as one of the critical steps which can make a significant impact on their popularity. 2020 is going to be the year when every website and app will emphasize on increasing its user base by providing some of the best HTML5 games online.