Compile Construct 2 HTML5 Game To Android Using Cocoon Cloud Compiler

Compile Construct 2 HTML5 game

HTML5 is the future of online games development. Apart from running on browsers you can compile html5 games to android and publish the same to play store and earn some good money.

I get lot on enquiries from my clients that how can they compile/convert html5 games to android APK.

There are several ways to do that…but two of them are most renowned ways

First is Intel XDK.
Second one is Cocoon Cloud Compiler

I have used both and i would like to point out that cocoon is way better than intel xdk when it comes to performance of a game.

So in this blog post am going to show a small tutorial how you can compile your construct 2 html5 game to android using cocoon.

After the completion of your game.

In Construct 2
Go to file > Export Project > Choose Cordova from mobile column

convert html5 game to android

Now go to the exported will find two files and one folder (WWW)

Open WWW folder and delete config XML document.We are deleting config file because the configuration file is already on cocoon so to avoid overwrites we can delete config XML.

Now right click on WWW folder and zip it.

To compile html5 game to android you have to open and make account there.

Go to projects then drag your www zip file and drop in create object tab

In Project setting you can select android and make changes as per your requirement.

Check plugin, ICONs, Splash, config.xml tabs also and drop in all your information about game.

After making all changes click on compile button to start the compilation.

Cocoon Cloud compiler would take few mintues and after that you can click on android icon to download the unsigned APKs.

Final step sign the apk and upload to play store!! 🙂

You can use the same method to compile html5 game to iOs build (IPA)